How to treat Adult Acne at home

Spots, breakouts, pustules, congestion are all signs that your skin is suffering from a type of acne.  The last five years, I have seen a steady rise in clients coming to see me to treat acne.  A lot of which never had acne in their teens.   So what is causing adults who never saw a

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When Sweet turns Sour

When sweet turns sour: sugar, your skin and some beauty solutions

It’s wrapped in gold foil and packed into a lovely box – but if you’re experiencing a bout of adult acne right now you might want to step away from that Easter egg! Numerous scientific studies have tried to establish a link between acne and our consumption of sugar, but it wasn’t until more recently

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Teenage Acne? Advice for your Daughters & Sons

It’s September, and you’re back at school or college after a summer spent having a great time. All that chilling and relaxing has paid off where your skin’s concerned. You’re looking fresh faced and sun kissed – not a spot in sight. You can keep it that way! It’s no coincidence that having a break

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