Pigmentation: so long to a sworn enemy in skin care!

Pigmentation is perceived to be today’s true skin care enemy.  The very visible signs of pigmentation include age spots and brown spots, an uneven skin tone, freckles and so on – and these can age us considerably. Daylight, hormones (such as in pregnancy, eg, the condition melasma), and injury to the skin are the main

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Spring Cleansing - our top 3 facial cleansers this April

Spring Cleansing? Here are our top 3 facial cleansers this April

Having a Spring Clean? VW Skincare is here to help make light work of picking the right facial cleanser. Spring is the season when we notice how our skin has fared the winter. The start of those bright longer days will truthfully expose how  best we have been looking after our skin during the winter.

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Dry or dehydrated skin? What's the difference? A blog by VW Skincare

Have I got dry skin, or is it dehydrated?

Sounds like a stupid question, right? But, whilst dry and dehydrated skin are often spoken together in the same context, there is a difference between the two. Unless you’re told by an professional skincare expert what condition your skin is in, you could easily mistake your skin for being dry when it’s actually dehydrated.  In

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Seven Skin Care Sins – How many are you guilty of? – Sin 6 – Not Protecting Your Hands

Why looking after your hands is important The sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays beat down on our hands as well as our faces. Then there’s the cold, wind and rain. We also plunge hands into bowls of hot or cold water, buckets full of detergents and all manner of chemical products. Living in a

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Dermalogica Body Therapy – Moisturisers

You’ve found the perfect body wash, and you know exfoliating helps your skin look and feel vital, but what about your body moisturiser? Just like the moisturiser you use on your face, the one you use on your body to keep skin smooth and supple needs to be tailored to your skin. Cheap moisturisers not

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Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster – for the party season & beyond

Party season skin perfection With all the booze consumed at Christmas time – not to mention in the run-up to festivities – no amount of water you drink will be able to compensate for dehydrated skin. But there’s one thing you can keep in your party purse this winter to stave off the worst of

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Dermalogica Blog – Sensitive skin Vs sensitised skin

I see a lot of clients who claim to have sensitive skin. Once I have been able to carry out a thorough skin analysis, I find their skin is not sensitive, but sensitised! You’re probably thinking, “that’s the same thing isn’t it?” But no, they are two quite different states. Sensitive skin is a skin

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Teenage Acne? Advice for your Daughters & Sons

It’s September, and you’re back at school or college after a summer spent having a great time. All that chilling and relaxing has paid off where your skin’s concerned. You’re looking fresh faced and sun kissed – not a spot in sight. You can keep it that way! It’s no coincidence that having a break

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Dermalogica AGE Smart Thermofoliant

Last year, before my wedding, I embarked on a 6 month journey to prep and prime my skin before the day. Being a skincare professional, it can be a challenge to find another skincare therapist that will tick all the boxes. Carrying out home facials twice a week is an absolute MUST to give you

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