How to treat Adult Acne at home

Spots, breakouts, pustules, congestion are all signs that your skin is suffering from a type of acne.  The last five years, I have seen a steady rise in clients coming to see me to treat acne.  A lot of which never had acne in their teens.   So what is causing adults who never saw a spot in their youth to now experience those angry, inflamed pustules some which just sit underneath the skin, and they hurt.

Stress, yes this word comes over and over again for everything that causes our bodies to be out of balance.   Our lifestyles today are everything but balanced, no wonder our poor skin has a hard time managing and regulating itself.   Too much stress sends your adrenal glands into over drive which boosts oil production.  As we age, our skin’s natural exfoliation process slows down  resulting  in our follicles to be clogged up with dead skin cells, excessive oil, which is a breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in angry, red, inflamed spots.  The grades of acne vary from a grade 1 which is tiny pustules or papules, some blackheads to a grade iv which is your cysts like pustules, with severe inflammation and sensitivity.





Your home care plan would be treat, clear and prevent breakouts.  Here is my step-by-step guide to  successfully reducing breakouts and calming the skin at home.

Morning Routine

Step 1:  Ormedic Balancing Facial Cleanser – an organic gel cleanser that will gently lift away impurities and balance your skin’s pH.  This cleanser contains anti-inflammatory properties to soothe and heal your skin before starting your day to an environmental assault of pollution & UV radiation

Step 2:  Image skincare Clear Cell clarifying tonic has both AHA/BHA, glycolic and salicylic to exfoliate both inside the follicle and on the skin surface.  The Clarifying Tonic will leave your skin shine free.  Again, this product is very drying.  Use once daily, building up to using it twice a day.  I would recommend this product be used for all grades of acne.

Step 3:  Prevention+ Daily Matte SPF32 is your daily oil free broad spectrum moisturiser.   Giving you daily high protection against both UVA &UVB.  This lightweight formula absorbs the excess oil leaving your skin matte and free of shine.

Evening Routine

Step 1:  Your cleanser needs to have the ingredient salicylic acid (BHA) to exfoliate the dead skin cells, and eliminate excess oil.  Salicylic acid can be very drying on the skin.  I would recommend you use Clear Cell Clarifying Gel Cleanser  once daily.

Step 2:  Ormedic Balancing Antioxidant serum is an organic serum containing copper complex peptides to accelerate healing, it also contains Japanese Green Tea which is a super antioxidant, 20 x more powerful than Vitamin E.  This organic serum will assist in balancing your skin from within, remember we spoke about balance at the start of this blog –  balancing and healing it what is needed to treat a stressed skin.

Step 3:  Step 3:  A nightly dose of the Clear Cell Mattifying Moisturiser will soothe any irritation whilst providing hydration and controlling oil production whilst you sleep.


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