In your 30s/40s? Time to get smart with your skincare

In your 30s or 40s? Time to get smart with your skincare

First thing’s first…   Let’s get one thing straight: to be able to grow old is a blessing, not something to dread. Our bodies work hard all the time to renew themselves – an amazing fact that most of us never stop to consider, let alone celebrate. And it gets harder for our bodies to do

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Retinol - why it's great for your skin

Why Retinol is a MUST for Youthful Skin

We know that Retinol is an important skincare ingredient, especially in anti-ageing products. But why? Read on to find out! What is Retinol? Ready for a quick Skincare Science 101? Retinol is made up of vitamin A and its derivatives.   Because it isn’t a stable molecule, vitamin A is easily broken down once exposed to

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