Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF50

People are always talking about getting a ‘summer glow’ on – but for some of us that simply means an unwelcome bout of facial shine. If you always seem to end up with an oily complexion well before lunch time, there is a product that can banish your blues, and help to combat the signs of ageing all in one fell swoop.

Dermalogica’s Dynamic Skin Recovery is a daily moisturiser with a built-in SPF 50. A medium-weight product, it restores vital moisture at the same time as assisting the process that keeps our skin plump and firm.

Chief among its aims is the mopping up of ‘free radicals’ that harm skin. White tea extract helps fight degenerative reactions brought on by exposure to the sun, while wonder ingredient hyaluronic acid helps to prevent hyperpigmentation.

When your skin is struggling to win the war against shine and the signs of premature ageing, it’s time to draw up a beauty battle plan… So, why not get your hands on this smoothing, sophisticated moisturiser from the AGE Smart range.

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