Its Detox Time

Don’t slip back into your old, sluggish routine. Recharge your system with a simple detox.

* Before breakfast have a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon – it’s an excellent skin tonic.

* Always dry brush your body before showering in the mornings to help with toxin removal – great for the reduction in cellulite appearance. (Remember to brush towards the heart, starting at the soles of feet.) Body brushes are available from all good skin care stockists.

* Try drinking detoxifying teas such as fennel or sage. Fennel can be good for rebalancing the digestive system, helping to dispel unwanted gas and indigestion. Sage may help calm sore throats and other oral inflammations common at this time of year.

* Water is very important in aiding the detoxification process – aim for 6-8 glasses per day. Avoid sparkling water.

* Add just 5 drops of either juniper, grapefruit or fennel aromatherapy oils to a base oil and add to your bath or massage into your skin.

*Remember to always consult your GP if you are pregnant or have any serious health condition before using any aromatherapy products.

At home tips

A visit to a spa therapist will give you a great boost, but you can carry on your regime at home with the following fantastic Dermalogica products.

Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub

Wake up to a burst of joy with this fragrant scrub, and a hit of lavender, orange, sandalwood and rosemary. Its gentle combination of olive, date seed and fig fruit ensures your skin is exfoliated without scratching. As well as polishing and energising the skin, lather up a generous blob and direct it on rough areas such as knees and elbows for added smoothness.

Dermalogica Stress Relief Treatment Oil

This fabulously aromatic oil is infused with lavender, sandalwood and orange. Scents of patchouli, clary sage, lemon and ylang ylang also lift the senses. It is designed to promote relaxation and help muscles unwind.

To create a spa experience at home, add 5 pumps to running water for a delectable bath experience. Alternatively, mix in with Dermalogica Ultrarich Body Cream or Dermalogica Body Hydrating Cream for an instant lift. It can also be used on the scalp.

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