To Tone or not to Tone!

Dermalogica Toners

Every girl over the age of 11 must have heard the skin care mantra “cleanse, tone and moisturise” a million times – but can we all honestly say we follow it faithfully?

Do you sometimes “cleanse” and move straight to “moisturise” without giving “tone” much thought?

Use of a toner after cleansing is necessary to completely remove traces of cleanser or masque from the skin. What’s more, it is refreshing, and closes pores – which makes it an important step before adding moisturiser or make-up.

But perhaps you’ve tried a toner and not liked how it’s made your skin feel? There are two main types of toners, so you may have used one that is not suitable for you.

The types are:
Astringent toner – this kind of toner contains alcohol. It is too strong for people with dry or sensitive skins, as it will suck oil from the skin’s surface. Some astringents contain antiseptic substances which kill surface bacteria. These products are useful for oily, blemished skin types, and help to dry and heal spots. They also help prevent formation of blackheads.

Skin tonics and freshners – these toners achieve a cooling effect without causing any harsh stinging to the face. Many of today’s skin tonics and fresheners come as spritzers, and are therefore incredibly hygienic. Spritzing on a product also helps you to use it evenly across your face.

Some people will argue it is not important to use a toner, which is true depending on your skin type.

Time of Life prefers to recommend Dermalogica toners that are going to refresh skin, especially dehydrated skin. There are some fabulously refreshing toners, which you can spray onto your skin throughout the day.

Some will contain powerful antioxidant properties and intensely hydrate the skin, whilst others can protect the skin against stress, pollution and allergies, helping to heal the skin, reduce redness and hydrate parched skin.

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