Sun Smart Worship (2)

A few weeks ago, Daily Telegraph reporter asked the question: What’s so wrong with being topless on the beach?

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with being proud of our bodies, in fact taking pride in our appearance is what we’re all about at Time of Life! But not everyone should follow Ms Gordon suit in a quest for a tan without lines.

Know your skin type. If you’ve ever been burnt at all, don’t even think about exposing more skin! Take care in the sun, make sure you wear an appropriate sun screen and leave the beach before you’ve overdone it. Sunburn is not attractive or safe, with or without lines.

Anyhow, in fashion terms, the super tan is passé! Even celebrities like Victoria Beckham are preparing to ditch the over-bronzed look.

People are beginning to celebrate the beauty of their natural skin tone. Pale people in the public eye, like Dr Who actress Karen Gillan and Mad Men’s Christina Hendricks have become pinups.

Despite the apparent liberal use of fake tan by celebrities such as Dale Winton and Jordan/Katie Price making people think twice about copying them, there’s no need to ditch the summer glow altogether. Simply go easy on the orange!

Don’t rely on a tan all year round, but use it for a spring-time boost or a pre-summer holiday shimmer. Alternatively, opt for tinted moisturisers to give a subtler, but equally gorgeous, effect.
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