Its all in the Cleanser

The cleansing stage of any skin care routine is your vital first step to maintaining a healthy skin.  The aim of cleansing is to remove:

  • All make-up
  • Surface dirt
  • The top layer of dead skin cells
  • Unblock congested pores

Whether you are lucky enough to have a flawless complexion, or your skin is under environmental attack causing sensitivity, cleansing is a must.  Soap and water will not do it!

This month at Time Of Life, purchase any 500ml Dermalogica Cleanser, and receive a free Dermalogica Sponge Cloth worth £10.30

The sponge cloth can be used to remove your cleanser, exfoliator and masque.

  • Removes all traces of make-up
  • Removes impurities without irritation
  • Bacteria resistant
  • Machine washable

Please use the code “sept10” at checkout at Time Of Life – Skincare Online

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